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Most people use social media every day in the world we live in today. We can’t go anywhere without seeing something about social media. We see celebrities post pictures on Instagram, sports stars argue on Twitter, and businesses use social media to promote their brands. As Mohit Bansal Chandigarh Social says, “Never before has a form of digital media been so famous worldwide.” Social media can be a powerful way to reach more people, get more attention for your work, and attract new clients. Social media is also a great way to improve your organic SEO and get the word out about your website, blog, or portfolio.

So many photographers love and hate social media at the same time. I see a lot of posts about photographers who want to delete everything. We always look at our engagement numbers, respond to comments, and try to create clever content to make the most of our posts. But we are often disappointed when we look at how far our social media marketing goes.

This article has some of the best tips for photographers on using social media. We hope you find them helpful.

Choose An Aesthetic And Target A Niche

Choose An Aesthetic And Target A Niche by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Photography is a comprehensive art form, so finding new ways to reach the people interested in your work is essential. Whether you specialize in landscapes or weddings, finding your niche will allow you to connect with your ideal audience and provide them with the photographs they want to see.

Your niche can be the basis for your overall business strategy. It can help you decide what photos to take and how to edit them. It can help you build a successful photography career. You might even be able to do photography full-time as you make your portfolio.

For experienced photographers like Mohit Bansal Chandigarh Social, aesthetics are essential. A consistent style helps build brand power and makes it easy for your ideal clients to recognize your photos.

Post On The Social Media Sites That Your Target Customers Use The Most

Post On The Social Media Sites Mohit Bansal Chandigarh suggested That Your Target Customers Use The Most

As a professional photographer, this can help you stand out from the crowd and give you an edge in the market. Post on the social media sites that your target customers use the most. It will help you reach more people.

It would help if you found out where your target market hangs out now that you know who they are. Most of your work should go toward one or two platforms. As a small business owner, you don’t want social media to be too much for you to handle.

Facebook is the social media site I choose to use. I also have an Instagram account and do a little work on Google+. Here are my thoughts on each social media platform and what I think they mean for photography audiences.

  • Facebook

Some so many photographers want to get rid of their Facebook pages. But did you know that most people who follow you on social media spend most of their time there? Check out the Pew Research Center study about how people use social media this year. If you’re in the “delete Facebook” camp, this might make you think again.

  • Instagram

Since Instagram is mostly about pictures, it makes sense for photographers to spend time here. Even though you may not be able to reach as many people on Instagram as you can on Facebook, the posts on Instagram go viral quickly. Suppose you want to get the word out about your photography education services. In that case, this is an excellent place since this is where most photographers go. Also, the audience’s average age is younger than on Facebook, making it a good choice for people who take pictures of high school seniors and weddings.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent place for photographers who want to teach new photographers how to take better photos to advertise their services. Many people who like to do things themselves look for how-to advice on Pinterest.

  • Google+

The truth is that nobody is on Google+. But Google is on Google+, which makes it an essential platform for SEO. The main reason I use Google+ is to share links to my blogs, which helps my SEO and Google search rank.

  • LinkedIn

It is a good place for commercial photographers, real estate photographers, and photographers who take business headshots. It’s also a great way to meet other professionals in the area.

  • Snapchat

If you aren’t trying to reach teenagers or maybe high school seniors, Snapchat probably won’t be worth the time you put into it. Most people who use Snapchat are much younger than those on other social media sites.

  • Twitter

You might do well on Twitter, but I had to give up on it. Words, not pictures, are the main focus of the platform. As a photographer, I want my photographs to speak for me more often than my words.

  • Vimeo and YouTube

Photographers who use videography in their sessions may find these video platforms helpful. There are a lot of people who subscribe to different channels on YouTube right now. Mohit Bansal Chandigarh Social suggests you post links to your YouTube or Vimeo videos on Facebook or Google+.

Know when and how often to post to get the most people involved.

Know when and how often to post to get the most people involved by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

You can post anywhere from a couple of times a day to a couple of times a month. If you know your audience, you’ll be able to figure out what days or times to post. Remember that if you post too often, people might get tired of seeing you in their feed and stop interacting with you or, even worse, start to hide you.

High-end boutique photographers have a smaller customer base and audience to cater to than their high-volume counterparts. The more people you want to keep active, the more you need to post and interact with them. Those who sell education services to other photographers will want to post more often because your audience probably spends a lot of time on social media.

Be deliberate about when you post. Most of my readers visit Facebook in the early morning or late at night, when they have some free time or while their children are in bed. It’s wise to show up when the people you want to reach are busy. For instance, if you take pictures of high school seniors, posting one on “Senior Sunday” will get you a lot of views.

I don’t have to build a big following or post all the time on social media to help my small business. I know when my audience will most likely be online, so I post at those times. Sure, it would be great if my work had a lot of followers and likes, but the time I’d have to put into it wouldn’t be worth it.

Pro Tip:

If you need to post more often but can’t keep up, look into third-party services like Hootsuite and Tailwind that let you schedule your posts. Some third-party apps will even post to your social media accounts for you.

Tips for posting on Facebook

Tips for posting on Facebook- Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Let’s take a look at some of the best Facebook tips by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh Social himself:

  • Only post your best writing.

Choose one great picture instead of posting many images that look the same.

  • Put someone’s name in your photos. 

I like to post one photo within 24 to 48 hours of a client session. I always give my clients tags. They can’t wait to see their pictures and often share them or give others a sneak peek at their profile pictures. Share an image on your company page and tag a customer. You must ensure they approve the photo’s visibility on their Facebook page, or people may not be able to see it.

  • Pick pictures for your blog.

Don’t let Facebook choose the image for you when you post a link to a blog. Choose the photo yourself, resize it for Facebook, tag someone, and put the link to your blog in the post or comments.

  • Go live! 

This one is scary because most of the time, we’d rather be behind the camera than in front. However, if you do it right, going live on Facebook can bring you a lot of viewers and interaction.

  • Join a group on Facebook. 

Create a VIP group for your favorite clients or fans. Include fans whose support you know and who want to hear from you.

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