5 Most controversial game

Video games are fun and are supposed to be that way, right? Well, there are some video games that went a little too far in the name of fun. Some of them might not have created a big fuss if they were released now, however, some of them are just too much. I personally enjoy playing video games and I love to try every new game that comes out. So, you may assume that I’ve played all of these troublemakers.

My reaction was the same while playing these as yours is gonna be after reading about them. So, without stalling any further, let’s begin.

Postal 2

This game was a sequel to the equally controversial ‘postal’ and I don’t even know how this game even got the permission to be made. After it’s release in 2003, ‘postal 2’ attracted massive criticism from many institutions for being a game that allows you to kill hundreds of people (in the game, of course) and apparently has sexist, racist, and homophobic references in the game.

The game has been banned in many countries and it’s a criminal offense to own this game in New Zealand. “The game is designed and has the capacity to allow the player to test how much violence and humiliation he or she can inflict on human beings”, said the Office of Film and Literature Classification. If you’re caught with this game in New Zealand, you’ll face a fine of up to $1400.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Don’t get me wrong, COD: MW2 is an amazing game, however, there was one sequence in the game that was a little… too much. There’s a level called ‘No Russian’ in which you play as an undercover CIA agent, Joseph Allen. Now, as Joseph Allen, you have to participate in a mass shooting at an airport in Moscow in order to gain the trust of a group of Russian Terrorists.

I mean, I’ve played the game and at first, I tried not shooting the civilians, and I died. The second time I went on a rampage (please don’t judge me) in order to complete the mission and again, I died. After trying so many times I finally realized that the death of Joseph Allen is a part of the storyline. You can choose either to shoot or not to shoot the civilians and you’ll still die. LOL


Manhunt is an amazing game to play if you have a strong gut. The game follows you as you play as James Earl Cash who tries to escape from an asylum and is willing to do anything to make that happen. The story and the game are good and can be enjoyed by an appropriate audience (Adults with strong guts).

The aspect which is controversial about the game is the different and brutal ways in which you can ‘put down’ your enemies. You can kill people with as little as a glass shard and as big as an assault rifle. And the gruesome ways in which the NPCs can be executed are what made the game so controversial.

The game is banned in many countries and for all the right reasons.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA games are cool and are no strangers to controversies. The same was the case of SA, however, for a different reason than it’s predecessors. The game allows you to make girlfriends and take them out on dates. And if you built a strong relationship with them, they will invite you inside for ‘coffee’ after you drop them off.

In normal versions of the game, you’ll be able to see her house for a while and that is if you agree for the coffee, leaving you to imagine what might be going on inside. While this was controversial enough, there was something hidden in the game codes. This is when modders came into play and GTA players were introduced to the ‘hot coffee’ mod. You can google it if you want to but remember to clean your history.

Mortal Kombat

Probably the most controversial game ever, mortal kombat was the game that triggered the formation of ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board). If you’re a gamer then you don’t need any introduction to ESRB. For others, ESRB is a firm that takes care of the age and maturity ratings of video games. In short, they decide which games can be played by what age groups.

Mortal Kombat allowed players to use ‘fatality’ after winning a fight against the other character. Fatality could be anything from ripping off the character’s limbs to decapitating him/her while also ripping out their spine still attached to the head (skull). Just five months after the game’s release, ESRB was created.

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