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We understand that you are quite bored with the normalization of your routine after COVID. So are you looking for some mesmerizing views to delight your eyes? Are you looking for some eye-pleasing destinations for your summer 2022?
Don’t worry! We have a list of delightful views that you should visit in 2022. Especially if you are a photographer, the beauty of these places will enhance your photography experience. Let’s explore all the 8 must-visit places, that are famous by global photographers.


Bali is an island in the country of Indonesia. It has the most attractive beaches, known globally. Bali is a combination of nature and culture. The vibrant yet simple culture is the main reason for the focus on the area. It is considered to be the world’s most romantic place for a honeymoon by the popular website of Honey fund. Bali is on our priority list for people who love to capture nature, beaches, and culture.


Nepal is a country well known for the world’s tallest mountain, that is Mount Everest. The capital of the country is Kathmandu and it is recognized for a typical Nepali lifestyle with a lot of hustle and bustle of the city and its people. People are persuaded by the lifestyle as well as the wonderful landscapes and mountains, because of which photography experts are seen in the country.


Costa Rica is a beautiful country, which is popular for its dense jungles and wildlife, and volcanoes. This country is full of waterfalls and scenic views. It is near central America and you can find a lot of rare wild species there. People who collect pictures of different geographic locations, climates, and wildlife photographers are required to visit this location.


We have noticed that Japan is a country that is full of customs, traditions, and culture. Japanese cuisine is quite different and known all over the world. Japanese monasteries are worth capturing and all the related traditions are unique to the world. We strongly recommend visiting Japan for artifacts, too.


Namibia is a country in southwest Africa. This country is famous for valuing nature and its creatures. It has a wide range of wild animals and natural characteristics like the species of flora and fauna. One must also not forget to capture the land and land structures there.


Goa is a state, recognized as the land of beaches and heaven on Earth, etc. Goa is situated at the coastline of the Arabian Sea. The mesmerizing beauty of Goan beaches is one of the reasons for loving Goa and another one is its history with the Portuguese. The monuments and Portugal traditions, cuisines are worth taking pictures of. We can never escape from clicking pictures of the goan lifestyles and beaches.


Dubai is well known all over the world for the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. It is an area of infrastructure. Situated in the middle of deserts, the city of Dubai is popular because of its wealth and riches. From the gold markets to luxurious five-star houses, everything in the city is eye-catching and worth capturing.


Capitol Reef national park is considered a hidden treasure by the Government of Utah. This is quite an adventurous place for geological visitors as well as common people. Photographers and backpackers are free to explore camping and safaris there. Astrological studies are also conducted there because of the night camping characters. This national park is known by the title ‘wrinkles on the earth’ because of its wrinkled landscape.

These are the 8  places that we found interesting and should be explored in 2022 by photographers and our readers. To know about more such photographic places, keep reading our blogs.

By Mohit Bansal

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh is a keen photographer and traveller. It's hard to say whether he travels to click photos or he click photos so he can travel.

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