The Beginners Guide to Major Camera Accessories

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Photography is an evergreen profession. It is one of those fields where people work out of passion and not for the money’s sake. However, photography is much more than just tagging a camera and clicking pictures. It is a trick consisting of different elements and each being crucial for a great final photo. Those considering to enter this profession must have that fire, but more than that knowledge of every photography related components that a play a major role in different situation photography. For those beginners, we share the important camera accessories to have in order to overcome every hurdle. It is like a toolbox, only here you won’t find any wrenches or pliers.

Good Quality Camera Bag

Camera Bag

Now, not dropping your camera is obvious but what about if you dropped your camera bag? A normal bag would end up messing your camera for no reasons that is why it is told to invest in a camera bag that is well padded. Apart from camera, the will be saving other accessories like camera lens, flash and batteries. This bag should be weatherproof, too. You never know when you get struck by a thunderstorm, and you get all wet after a photoshoot. What if you couldn’t reach your car on time? Imagine, if you don’t have a waterproof bag then. Your over $3000 investment gets all messed up.

It is pretty common that a lot of people don’t want to invest more money in buying a dedicated bag as they already have spent a hefty amount in the purchase of the camera. It shows such people don’t take caution and are more prone to have their kit broken and it is a bitter reality. The journey to become a photographer begins with giving extra attention to details and covering up any loose links.

Extra pack of battery or batteries

battery Mohit Bansal

Smart people are always prepared. Having an extra battery can be life saver. You can’t always stay plugged in to the charger and you are most certainly aren’t going to find a charger point in Yosemite. Chances are you might be witnessing  rare natural phenomenon but you couldn’t shoot only because you didn’t buy one extra battery. That shot could have gotten you recognition on a global level. Having extra battery is like following a rule or law. You can’t miss having it. A professional photographer has to carry it along with a charger. You might get to shoot a wedding and what will you do if your battery runs out? Obviously, you will not wait for the battery to recharge again.

Neck Camera Strap for Safety

Neck Camera Strap

It’s important, really really important. Forget padded bag or battery, neck strap is like a body part that needs to be there. Cameras are heavy, you cannot always have it picked and walk around. A neck strap always you to hang the camera around your neck and give your hand some rest. Plus, it prevents sudden fall and breakage of the camera. And why it is important? A fall from 4ft. Can have devastating impact on the camera. Imagine you did not buy a $40 neck strap to save few bucks. Now you went to a party in a club and while you are taking photos someone bumps into you and bam camera fell. Now, if you had a neck strap, the camera would still be up hanging around your neck.

A Kit For Lens CleaningLens Cleaning Kit

Camera alone can’t do a thing. It is just a body with image sensor and all the power and buttons. Without a lens, it is practically useless. Lens let the light come in and sensor shapes the light spectrum. A lens need to be spot free in order to produce flawless pictures. A lens is sealed with the body and yet sometimes it can pick up dirt particles that can also travel to the body. You cannot go about cleaning it without proper means as you might end up putting more dirt inside. A dedicated lens kit and lens pen is required. Using the rocket blower, you can take out most of the filth but sometimes, there are those sticky ones you have to pick it manually. That is where a lens pen comes in play.

A Strong Multifunctional Tripod

Multifunctional Tripod Mohit Bansal

It helps serving many purposes like low light photography, landscape photography and sports photography. It is an equipment that allows you take blur free shots. However, refrain from buying cheap plasticky ones, they are no good  is keeping the camera sturdy and are prone to breakage any moment. Buying a good one ensures your camera stays safe and it won’t get blown away with little wind as they are dense. Make sure you buy a remote shutter release for 100 percent blur free image. Sometimes when you click the shutter release on the camera, it might get shaken a bit, but with a remote, the possibility dies down to zero.

UV Filter for Lens
UV FIlter for Lens

It is one of the most common Camera Accessories that almost every cameramen buys. It protects the Camera lens from damage and even dust particles. Remember to buy a good one since the cheap UV filter tends to downgrade the image quality.

These are some of the essential accessories that you must buy if you are a photographer or planning to be a photographer. These accessories are always to come in handy and help you escape many dreadful situations in your photography career.

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