Best Game of Thrones Destinations To Photograph In Real Life

Best Game of Thrones Destinations To Photograph In Real Life

If you are a die-hard fan of the GOT series you must have, at some point, wanted to go to those places and get yourself clicked or click photographs by yourself. The places you see in the world famous series may look a work of computer-generated imagery but it is not.

Majority of destinations like red keep, Dorne, Dragonstone and more are real-life places that can be visited by anybody. Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, a keen photographer who travels throughout the world to capture beautiful photos went to all these places and came back some otherworldly experience.

Tower of Joy in Zafra, Spain


When the Three-Eyed Raven was teaching Bran Stark about how he could see in past and what’s happening at the current moment. Now the place where young Ned stark fought Ser Arthur Dayne and won. It was the same place where Bran witnessed shocking revelation about Jon Snow, Bran’s aunt Lyanna Stark. She asks Ned to make a promise to keep her son safe. The actual place of the shooting is located in Spain’s Zafra region. Mohit went there after watching the sixth season of the show and took some really stunning photos. It is actually great for pictures since the location of the castle is pretty isolated and is all brown.

Iron Islands, Dunluce Castle, Ireland


When Theon Greyjoy first returned back to his native land after spending almost half the lifetime with Starks in Winterfell, the scenery mesmerized a lot of viewers the moment it appeared on the screen. Although the place looked bit gloomy and dark, it still was pretty. People started making queries related to the location of the actual place. HBO later disclosed that this castle is 100 percent real and is located somewhere in Ireland. Surrounded by ocean, you wouldn’t be presented with on-screen castle Pyke, it is a bit different than the series.

King’s Landing, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Remember, Cersei’s walk of shame or the streets where Margaery Tyrell gets off her carriage and spends time with war orphaned children and shares goodies with them. The same place where the wildfire blew the Great Sept of Baelor along with Margaery and High Sparrow. The same location was found in Croatia’s old village Dubrovnik and Mohit did not wait a single moment as he learned about the place. He knew it is a good opportunity to capture the Game of Thrones centerpiece the King’s Landing in off-screen. It definitely is breathtaking. The contrast amber and top and grey walls surrounded by an ocean of Blackwater (Game of Thrones).

Beyond The Wall, Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

Beyond-The-Wall-Vatna kull-National-Park-Iceland

The infamous frosty wildland beyond the wall was filmed at Iceland’s Vatnajökull National Park. It could not be possible without a bit of CGI effect since it was necessary for the Land of Winters scene. The unchartered territory where once wildling roamed and which is now a citadel for the white walkers was located beyond the Castle Black. Even the geothermal regions, the icy lava fields, the snow craters, all were filmed there. It’s a great spot for filming as well as photographing. Mohit Bansal Chandigarh says, if you can endure the cold and enjoy the warmth, you must come here once to relive the winter Beyond the Wall.

Water Gardens of Dorne, Alcázar of Seville, Spain

Water Gardens of Dorne Alcazar of Seville Spain

The house of Dornish kingdom Martell appeared in the Game of Thrones fifth season. It was pretty as anything you would imagine. The location for the Water Gardens of Dorne, where Ellaria, wife of Oberyn Martell who was killed by The Mountain in the Battle of Champions to save Tyrion Lannister, took over the crown. It’s actually found in Seville region of Spain. You never knew this, right? Even when Mohit visited Spain, he had no idea about this particular place. And then he watched the season of Game of Thrones. He himself was pretty astounding to see the Water Gardens aka Alcazar of Seville.

Dothraki of Sea, Bardenas Reales, Spain


In the sixth installment of Game of Thrones, mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen was captured by the Dothraki tribe at the grassland of Essoss. The nomadic horse clan which now follows Danny lost their then leader in a fire created by The lady dragon herself. While she came out unburnt, hence the name, she managed to convince the rest of the clan to follow her. The team had to travel all the way to Spain to film the episodes. Barren unforgiving land is a tourist attraction and became more famous after the airing of that particular episode.

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The Eyrie in the Vale of Arryn, Meteora, Greece


This is the only place that didn’t appear in the show. The team the popular Meteora mountain digitally as the backdrop of Sky Cells where Tyrion Lannister was held captive by Catelyn Stark’s sister. It is a UNESCO declared world heritage site open for tourists throughout the year. You may not see the Sky Cells, you can certainly live in the moment. Mohit describes his visit as unforgettable ones, it was heartwarming seeing something so amazing. Never has he seen anything surreal and realistic in his life, he felt real inspiration flowing out of the area.

These places are absolutely worth visiting for every sort of obvious reasons. Game of Thrones is approaching with its last season. You should definitely consider these places. Perfect for photography, wandering, and introspection, these GOT real-life places will take you on a roller coaster rides of emotions where you feel thrilled and afraid at the same time.


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