Best Scenic Places Around the World For Honeymoon

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Its is hard to decide where to go when it comes to celebrating your honeymoon. There are so many beautiful places on this planet that you might end up confusing yourself. You can’t even begin to imagine the possibility of visiting each one but the task gets even harder when you have to pinpoint a few only.

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, a photographer known to capture natural beauty in its most intimate form, has taken the task up his sleeves. To cut down your quest and present you with places that aren’t just perfect for honeymoon but also to make photographic memories.


Take the prettiest islands and group them together in a close region, that is what Polynesia is. With names like Bora Bora, Tahiti and Fiji, surrounding the area, its hard to not consider this place. You not only get warm sandy beaches with pristine blue sea and a lush green blanket of forest surrounding everything, but you also get a lifetime opportunity to witness nature in its prettiest form.

From private cottages in the sea to beachside lodge/hotel, you’ll always wake to up an extraordinary scene. Making you weak in your knees, you would want to capture and capture and capture each and every part of spot, if you could.

Costa Rica

The adventure filled island in the Central America and is regarded as one of the most exotic honeymoon destinations. From world class beaches to satisfying scuba dying to rainforest adventure, this island has it all. The volcanoes, biodiversity and solitude of the region makes it special for the honeymoon. You can either stay in one of the beachside resorts or the mainstay area.

Whatever you choose, you won’t come back disappointed. The nearby spots will give lots of sights to capture from your lens and carry home for you to remember a lifetime. Also, do visit the bonfire part or simply create one. A best way to say goodbye.

The mediterranean Coast

Its located in Europe but like far in South. If you make a run from the Rock Gibraltar to Greece, you’d come across plenty of picturesque sights that are just perfect. Apart from that, you’ll witness the variation in culture, geography and even the very environment.

Visiting mediterranean will give you easy access to Vatican or Rome. You can check out the Colosseum, pose in the front of the Seven Pilgrim Churches or have a romantic Gondola Ride in the canals of Venice. What could be more romantic than that on a honeymoon? Mohit Bansal Chandigarh says, its one of the major spots to get amazing clicks.


It is the land for honeymooners. You talk to anyone about your honeymoon plans and this place will definitely be on their list. Its that famous.  The most favorite after wedding destination is almost everyone’s dream destination to visit.

You can never get enough of Hawaii as there is so much to do here. The tropical regions, mountains, volcanic regions, waterfalls and tasty Hawaiian food. Guess you’ve never thought you can find so many things at one place. Furthermore, you’ll find plenty of places to photoshoot and roam around. Make sure when you go back, you take the essence of Hawaii with you.

British Virgin Islands

Alright, lets move in a different direction and head towards the islands of Anguila. Aka the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean a gem for couples looking for a quick getaway. Its place to relax and feel the serenity of the nature is what makes this island special.

With ravishing beauty embraced in modern vibe that is seen through the parking boats in the harbor, it’s a place where you get to do it all. From sailing into the unending ocean to diving with fish to lying on the beach, Anguila is a dream honeymoon place for newly weds.

If you are more into the modern and tech stuff, heading towards Australia or US would be great. For couples seeking romantic inspiration, Croatia, Italy and Greece are idle places. Regardless of where you go, in a world that has so much to offer, having a one life explore is not acceptable.

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