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Weddings are a social construct, but it is so much more than that, it is a declaration of your love to the world, it is claiming your person in front of near and dear ones, and it is an act of love. Add to this the magic that the winter season brings into our lives and it just becomes something mesmerizing. So much so that it almost becomes a necessity to ensure that you have keepsakes to relive the magic, here is where photography comes into play.


Shadi, nikah, weddings, whatever you call it, in their truest essence is simply a celebration of love. And to think that it is just the romantic kind of love that is in abundance in a wedding will be a mistake, for there is maternal love in the rituals, there is love and warmth in the mischiefs and pranks done by the friends, there is adoration and admiration in every little fire put out by the siblings, there is just so much happening all at once!

Despite all this, there is no sugar-coating the efforts and the energy that goes into planning and organizing a wedding, after all, the “The big fat Indian wedding” tag needs to be justified right? We Indians go all in our functions, especially weddings, months if not years go into the planning one and it all boils down to one day to see if it all goes according to plan. But no matter what goes wrong or right, one always wants to look back on their wedding and get a little nostalgic, and what better way to do that than going through a photo album with your loved ones?


The most magical, wonderful time of the year, with the joyousness of Christmas, the excitement and anticipation of the new year, and the feeling of something mystical happening just around the corner is indescribable. Winters are the season that lets us let lose our hair and enjoy being in the present. The cold air, the mist in the mornings, warm fuzzy mufflers and gloves, a hot cup of cocoa, and freshly baked cookies, what is not to love?

All year long, the tropical Indian weather has a window of relaxation and freshness. As a result, winter is the ideal time of year to tie the knot. The sheer number of weddings that occur during this time proves how well-liked this season is. Mohit Bansal Chandigarh is seriously obsessed with the emotion and connection in this winter wonderland shoot. 


Quite possibly the most ingenious and magical invention of humankind, photographs are often and rightly described as a peek into the past. And considering the times we all live in, documenting every part of our lives, big or small has become second nature to us. They can make you laugh at difficult times, cry when you think of something you’ve lost, or recognize how far you’ve come in life and fill you with pride. They have the ability to influence you. Without having to elaborate much, you may share them with anyone from any background and share a piece of your life.

Getting a good photographer for your big day is one of the most essential tasks on your checklist for your wedding Mohit Bansal Chandigarh says. Since there is so much going on you can miss out on a lot of little things on the day but you get the chance to catch it all if you get yourself a good photographer who has the eye and captures candid stills of all the happening. It might not seem like it but it truly is a blessing to have good pictures of your wedding and all its functions.

In summation, winter weddings are the best time to add an air of magic and surprise to your celebration and to get the same feeling of wonder and joy in your photographs. It is surprising how much cold weather can bring a feeling of warmth in our hearts and fill it with love and contentment, but I suppose that is the magical part of it all.

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By Mohit Bansal

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh is a keen photographer and traveller. It's hard to say whether he travels to click photos or he click photos so he can travel.

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