Five Features Players Would Love To See In GTA VI

Since it’s release in 2013, GTA V has proved to be one of the best games ever made. The game is still playable after six long years with its constantly updating online mode. GTA V proved that Rockstar Games knows how to please the fans of the franchise. The gameplay is so amazing that it never gets old and many players around the world (including me) have played through the story mode at least twice and are still enjoying the game by playing online with their friends. However, there are some things that fans loved about the franchise which were not there in GTA V. There are also some things or features that players would love seeing in GTA VI. Here are things that fans want back or want to be added in GTA VI.

More Than One City

More Than One City - mohit bansal

GTA San Andreas was and is still loved by fans for many things and the best thing about that game is three different cities. GTA San Andreas features Los Santos (GTA version of Los Angeles), Las Venturas (GTA version of Las Vegas), and San Fierro (GTA version of San Francisco). This feature resulted in the biggest game map in GTA history which is still loved and enjoyed by the fans.

Although, Los Santos did make its return in GTA V, however, the map only consisted of Los Santos with the Mount Chiliad and country areas. This was disappointing for the fans who loved the huge map of San Andreas.

Fans would love to see the multiple cities feature return in GTA VI making the franchise even more amazing.

Grappling Combat Like In Bully

grappling combat mohit bansal chandigarh

Bully is one of the best and most enjoyable games ever made by Rockstar and is still loved by many fans. One of the best features of Bully which never made a return in Rockstar Games is the grappling combat system. In Bully, players had the ability to grapple the NPCs and perform different moves and combos on them.

The combat system of Bully was very enjoyable and according to me, it’s the best combat system in a Rockstar Game. Fans would love to see this feature make a return in GTA VI.

Destructible Environments

Destructible Environments

The one feature that never completely made a debut in the GTA franchise or any other Rockstar Game is destructible environments. Sure you can break things like street lights and other small things, however, the most unrealistic thing about GTA has always been shooting a rocket launcher at a building and not seeing even a single scratch on it. God! That’s disappointing.

GTA did give a little taste of this feature to the fans of the franchise in GTA V by making them completely demolish a house in a mission played by Michael. This was one of the best moments in of the game (according to me).

Fans of the series would love to see this feature completely realized in GTA VI.

More Interiors

More Interiors in GTA

The one thing that the fans of GTA always wanted but never got, is the full access to the interiors of the game without using the mods. Since GTA is an open world game, it would be fair for these games to have a fully accessible interior. I still remember the pain I felt whenever I wanted to enter a building or a shop in a GTA game but I couldn’t because the game doesn’t allow you to do so.

This is one of the most awaited and desired features missing from the franchise. Rockstar Games should consider adding this feature in GTA VI and keep up their reputation of pleasing the fans by giving them what they want.

More Realistic Elements

More Realistic Elements IN GTA

GTA San Andreas had some amazing features such as gaining and losing weight, learning new fighting moves, working out to gain muscle, and many more. These features were missing from GTA IV and GTA V and the fans are eagerly waiting for these features to be added in GTA VI.

Features like naturally growing hair, beard, and nails (might be too much) will also be interesting to see in GTA VI. These features will do a favor for the franchise by making the future games more realistic.

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