PUBG Blog by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

I am Mohit Bansal from Chandigarh. Professionally, I’m a photographer who loves to capture beautiful moments through my camera; be it a wedding ceremony, parties, get together or random clicks. Because the moments pass away, and it’s the photos that remain for long to cherish. But no matter how thrilling your professional career is, you can’t carry on continuously without taking a break. In my case, the break was a mobile dedicated game PUBG.

Before now, I seldom played games. I had something else captivating my mind so didn’t focus much in this department. Only this once, I was hanging out with one of my friends where he had me installed this game. He said it will be fun and its addictive. 

I started off pretty bad. I had heard before how easily newbies get a “Chicken Dinner,” for those unfamiliar the term. It is used when you win a game in PUBG, in first few games and me ending up in top 70 was the sign I should stop playing. In the beginning, it seemed boring because I couldn’t score a chicken dinner. Once I tasted the victory, it was hard for me to stop.

Season 4 Conqueror and even in the current season I’m at conqueror level, with my RP level 100 (of course, elite pass included) and level 78, I have become somewhat of a pro player (Not Kidding, alright). Hardly any game ends with me out of top 10. 5-6 kill is my average and I use every possible trick in my disposable to reach the top tier.

Getting around my controller on my smartphone, I don’t miss any chance to play PUBG, and seeing how bad others play (I know I’m bragging but its true nonetheless) I decided to start off my streaming channel.

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