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Kids are a unique challenge (and chance) for photographers, whether they are your own or those of your clients. Still, kids grow up so fast that it’s essential to take pictures because they’ll be a little bigger the next day, the next month, and the following year. Kids respond to directions depending on their age and personality, but you can get great pictures of any child who happens to be in front of your lens. The actual “trick” is to think of taking pictures of kids as a creative photojournalism exercise. Set a general plan, but be ready to change course and go with the flow while adding your creative touch. Here are some of the best ideas for taking creative photos of kids, whether you’re taking pictures of an only child, siblings, friends, or even a whole family. These tips by  Celebrity Mohit Bansal Chandigarh can help both professionals and amateurs take better pictures of kids.

How Do You Make Photos Of Children Look Real?

Asking kids where they want their picture taken is a great way to get them excited about it. When kids have a say in something, they become more interested in it. Some kids get very excited and start to think about how you can take their pictures from different angles. I’ve been to some exciting places where I’ve tried to take pictures of kids. In the end, everything pays off.

Use The Light From The Sun.

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh- The Light From The Sun.

Whenever you can, use light from outside. One of the most incredible things about taking pictures of kids is that they are often stunning and tend to be more at ease in natural settings. Find a place outside with lots of natural light, and try not to use the flash as much as possible. Compared to artificial lighting, this will give your photos a warmer, more natural look. Tricity’s renowned photographer  Celebrity Mohit Bansal Chandigarh encourages newbies to try taking photographs near the windows or in open areas outside. It will be worth it in the end.


Mohit Bansal Chandigarh- Location

After finalizing the location, it’s time to start filming. Don’t just pull out the camera. You might want to play with the child for a few minutes. Join a game of cards or throw a baseball for a few minutes. Just try to get the kids to calm down and pay attention to playing instead of your camera. Once the child is at ease, it’s time to take pictures. I usually start a session with a longer lens. Something between 70 and 200 mm works well. Watch how they move around as they play, and then press the shutter button. Catching the child who is facing you is the key. Shots from the side or back are usually less interesting than ones that show their whole face.

Plan Something That Kids Will Enjoy To Get Genuine Smiles.

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh- Kids Will Enjoy To Get Genuine Smiles

Once you know a little about that child, you can think of a few ways to make them smile or laugh. An active child may have better facial expressions when asked to jump or play freeze tag. Knock-knock jokes and other kid-friendly jokes can often make a child who talks a lot laugh. While you stand further back and use a telephoto lens, a shy child might give the best expressions to a nearby, laughing parent. Develop a few “go-to” strategies for each personality type, with different ones for the youngest and oldest kids, so you don’t run out of smile tricks.


Having props makes it easier to take pictures of kids. Try using a lot of different things, from big chairs and parasols to small toys and keys. What you use depends on how it fits into your plan for the shoot. Props are helpful because they keep small children in one place, which is especially important when shooting toddlers. Props don’t have to be noticeable. For example,  Celebrity Mohit Bansal Chandigarh likes to use leaves in autumn scenes, pebbles on the beach, dandelion blowers, and so many other things. Just let your imagination run wild!

For Kids’ Portraits, Think Of Natural Poses.

Kids and posing don’t go together, not how most people think. Adult and teen poses can be changed to the fingers, but poses for kids should be more natural and essential. If you want to joke around with a child who talks a lot, you can ask them to sit in a certain way, but a good expression is more important than a perfect pose. Use fun, kid-friendly directions like “sit criss-cross applesauce” or “show me how tall you are” to correct a slumping child.

Make Instructions Fun And Easy To Follow.

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh-  Instructions Fun And Easy To Follow

Making photos fun is the best way to get great expressions from kids and keep them interested long enough in getting many different shots. Play games and tell jokes. Use a tone of voice that is fun and upbeat. If a shot isn’t going the way, you want it to, showing or saying that you’re angry won’t help. When taking pictures of kids, keeping an open mind is essential. If you go in with a specific shot in mind and get upset when it doesn’t happen, you might miss out on a great (but different) shot.

Get Candid

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh- get candid

There are times and places for posed photos, but the candid shots of a kid playing without being self-conscious are often the ones you’ll treasure the most. Celebrity Mohit Bansal Chandigarh loves taking pictures of a kid looking straight into the camera, but he also does not miss out on a few candid shots. Most importantly, wait for natural smiles and be patient. Babies, kids, and even adults will forget about the camera and return to what they were doing. You will catch some precious moments that show the kid’s playful personality and relationship with the family.

Use Backlight Or Sidelight To Take Pictures Of Children.

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh- Backlight Or Sidelight To Take Pictures Of Children

If the sun is behind you, it will shine right on the face of the person you are photographing. It will make the child squint, which is something you don’t want. Bright light on your subject’s face can also make the skin too bright (too bright). So, where should you put the light on what you photograph? I love to light my subjects from behind. So, the light is coming from behind the child. Backlighting makes photos look magical and gives your subject a beautiful glow. Ensure the sun doesn’t take over the scene for the best results. You could put the sun behind your subject or something else in the scene. Or, set up your shot, so the sun is just out of the picture. Keep moving around and changing the angle of your shot until you find a good spot.

Shooting from low down is a beautiful way to get your subject to block the sun when the sun is low in the sky. When you shoot into bright light, sometimes your subject will look like a silhouette. If this happens, ensure the subject is in the way of the sun. Set the Metering setting on your camera to Spot Metering. Then make sure that the subject’s face is in the centre of the frame. The camera will then know how to expose the face of the child. If your subject still looks like a dark silhouette, move around so that the sun is shining on it from one side. We call this “side lighting.” It’s also a great way to light up your subject if it’s hard to shoot into the sun. Remember that the way the light hits your photos can make a big difference. So, pay attention to the source of light. And choose a place to shoot from behind or the side where the subject has plenty of light.

Get in Close

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh- Get in Close

When taking a picture of a kid, don’t be afraid to get as close as you can, especially when you’re on the ground at eye level. Many amateur photographers shoot the kids so far away that you can’t see the child’s eyelashes, toes, or the light in their eyes. Try different things and get close on some shots. You’ll love having a record of these little things in the future. Mohit Bansal says, “Getting on the ground to take pictures will also give you a different view and help you see the world from your child’s point of view. You will have a better chance of getting your child to look straight into the camera, and the pictures you take will show how they see the world.”


Photography should be fun, so don’t worry about getting the perfect shot. Just chill out and have a good time. Most of the time, you get the best photos when you’re not trying too hard. If they can tell you’re nervous, they’ll feel nervous too. So take your time, chill out, and enjoy taking beautiful pictures of your kids. With these tips in mind, you can go out and start taking pictures that will make you happy.

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