Mohit Bansal Chandigarh Explains All the Medals in PUBG

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PUBG is the new trend setter. Its unique, surreal and addictive (if news are to believe). You can never say no to this game once you have played for a while. It’s touted as more addictive than heroin and better than the previous generation Counter Strike (Debatable).

Mohit Bansal says, ‘its complexity gives it a special character that makes it so popular. And reasons why players want to know everything about it.’ Among the most common queries, PUBG’s titles and medals are a few. People want to know what purpose they serve and how to earn a respective medal or title.

In this article, we’ll explain all the medals that you can earn and how do you earn them.

1. Too Soon

Too Soon

You earn this medal if you die within three minutes of landing in a game. It is as the title says, meaning you died too early.

2. Armor Expert

Armor Expert

When you collect a level 3 Helmet, lev 3 Vest and a lev 3 Bag in the game, you earn this medal. A lot of players get it confused with changing armors again and again which is not at all true. Just collect all three and earn the medal.

3. Medic


Have you ever seen those green medal that says ‘Medic’? Well, you haven’t earned them because you revived your teammate, it’s more like you recovered more than 500 health points during a game. If you done that, chances are, you will end with that medal.

4. Grenadier


You finished a game saw the grenadier title and you wonder why. Its because you secured two or more kills using grenades. And no smoke and stun grenade do not count, as they only confuse your enemy so you can take them out with your guns.

5. Berserker


You wreak havoc on other players, do over 800 plus damage and surviving for more than 20 minutes in the game and score 3 or more kills, you get this medal. If nothing else, this medal at least sounds cool.

6. Terminator (Gold Medal)

Terminator (Gold Medal)

You must not confused it with the silver one. To earn the gold Terminator badge, you gotta take down a minimum of 10 players.

7. Marathon Man

This one is crazy sick and you don’t earn them often as one have to travel more than a 1000 meters on foot in a game. Why we don’t see them anymore? Well, because we have gone too lazy and we choose to travel through a car or bike.

8. Chicken Master

Chicken Master

If you win a game and have 5 or more kills, you will get this medal.

9. Finisher


One of the best things in PUBG is to steal other player’s kill (not your teammates). According to Mohit Bansal from Chandigarh, It usually happens either in the last circle or in the crowded areas like Georgopool or Novo or Pochinki. Someone else does the damage and you finish them off. As result, the Finisher badge.

10. Life Saver

Life Saver

Reviving your teammates more 3 or more times.

11. Wild Shot

Wild Shot

Sometimes luck isn’t in your pocket. You don’t even get to see a single person let alone killing one. But then a ray if light appears and you see someone running over the horizon. Your first thought? Let me get one kill at least. In hopes, you take an impossible shot, and hit the enemy only to receive a headshot from AWM and die. You tried though. Your damage 10 or less. That was a wild shot indeed hence the name.

12. Sir Miss-a-lot

Sir Miss-a-lot

You tend to miss a lot of shots and never hit the opponent. It’s embarrassing as well as unskilled.

13. Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

Sounds cool but it ain’t. It usually happens when you either die by a grenade thrown by you, failing to reach the play zone, drowning, falling from the mountain and even falling from a car.

14. Helpless


Getting knocked out again and again and again. It happens when you think you’re targeting someone but someone else is targeting you. And once you heal, you get up again and BAM! Knocked out. If the you follow the same course of action for over 3 times, you’ll earn the helpless title when the game ends and it won’t be too long given the state of your play.

15. Deadeye


Kill 5 or more people using a sniper. It could be a Kar98k, M24, Winchester, AWM. Even the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) and EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) counts, too.

16. Prone to Prone

Prone to Prone

Moving/proceeding further more in prone position. Although distance isn’t specified, however, you get the medal if you prone for too long.

17. Road Rage

You have to be a character from the Movie Mad Max to do that. You gotta ‘Run’ over 2 or more people through a vehicle. A piece of advice, you might die attempting to do so because player nowadays shoots at every moving thing they in the game.

18. Curator


Being greedy has its own perks. If nothing else, you’ll end up earning a badge of a curator. How? Well, you’ll have to keep your bag almost full or full throughout the game.

These are most of the badges/medals explained by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh and what we get to see when we finish a game. Do let us know if we left any.

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