Memes made their debut in 2015 but still continue to amuse us and never fail to make us laugh. Now it’s not necessary that you understand every single meme because everyone has their opinions because some of them can be too personal to understand. The basic idea or definition of memes is spreading a concept or a thought on the internet which goes viral. Memes can be made on literally any topic like the cat meme , or the love triangle meme or the baby meme but just when we thought memes and photography trends don’t relate , we were wrong. Most classic or to be bitter worst photography trends have turned into memes and how! And if you are a photographer we bet you that you will end up rolling and laughing on the floor. We are not criticizing these trends , they were great trends but were not something to stick on.  So gear up for some worst photography trends that turned up in memes. 

Lens ball 

mohit bansal chandigarh

When the lentil balls were first introduced, they provided a strangely distinct perspective on photographs. The remainder of the picture was bokeh, with everything in the ball in focus. However, when more individuals joined the crowd and captured the same generic photo of a lens ball, the whole concept became dull. 

2. What’s with girls , oversized glasses and neon lights? 

mohit bansal chandigarh

It’s easy to see why this one is so famous: it has two of the most important components for a successful photography trend: attractive women and creamy bokeh. The gorgeous woman stands there with a gaze that is as monotonous as monotony, and neon lights offer the unusual bokeh with red and blue contrast to each other. She doesn’t care for the portrait and is unlikely to care for the bokeh.

3. Ughhh again with lenses


Yes, that one bad grade would be this photography trend when you put your lens in front of your camera commonly called as Lens in front of a landscape photography trend. I believe this trend began when YouTube landscape photographers gained popularity. Sure, holding a lens and demonstrating how the picture in it is reversed may be entertaining. For a couple of occasions, this was the case. It’s a little monotonous to repeat the process to reveal the lens, and there’s not much you can do about it. 

4. The holding hand trend 


How can we miss this trend , and probably some of us did this and are still doing this. But people, we are fed up with seeing your partner’s face and your hand all the time. Moreover we think they just went a little bit over flexing the fact that you have a ‘partner’. This trend is all about showing off the location and the partner. 

5. The suicidal trend 


We bet all of us has seen the trend where people go on top of something and use their selfie stick to click the pictures , like on the top of a cliff and sitting on its edge and going above and beyond to click a picture or to click on top of a cell tower , yeah this is craziest. We call this the suicidal trend. This trend came into place when selfie sticks were also trending and people thought selfie sticks were magical sticks. 

6. Obsession with half cloth woman


Some people forget that clothes for the upper half of the body exist. In this trend photographers went crazy on clicking 50% cloth women with no aim as to what they are aiming for. 

7. Photoshoots of strangers 


Yeah this trend is not considerate for the privacy of women. I mean what if that person does not want to get clicked or what if the whole video is staged and is just a plain clickbait. This trend went viral on instagram , youtube and tik tok. At first the audience were amused at seeing lots of different people getting clicked by professional photographers but than did they have many questions on how legit it is. 

These were some of the photography trends which turned into memes and made our day a lot better. These trends did have potential but did a good job of being memes as well. 

These memes in a way are conveying that art is not something which should be followed but it should be unique in everyone’s own way. Photography is an art and people do expect creativity specially from commercial photographers or people who are passionate about it. Trends that inspire you to develop better ideas are different from trends that are meant to be copied. But these trends went viral, everyone started copying them and the creativity ended in them and that’s when they turned into memes. 

By Mohit Bansal

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh is a keen photographer and traveller. It's hard to say whether he travels to click photos or he click photos so he can travel.

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