PUBG Tips and Tricks by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds is an online multiplayer battle royale game that has gone sort of viral. It spread faster than a California wildfire or even T-Virus. As an outcome it became one of the most playing games of all time and has won Mobile Game of the year award in 2018.

The game is no less than insanity, surreal graphics and realism have made PUBG the new heated sensation among “Gamers.” But it’s not easy getting into the game and surviving for long. You might get a couple of chicken dinner initially but once you get the traction, you’d know what going through hellfire means.

Survival is the main objective and the last man standing is the Victor but it’s easier said than done. Say you’re avoiding skirmish and running in the opposite direction. Some heartless gamer saw you and blew your head off with a Kar98 or M24. That’s real bad. Game Over. And it’s the actual story. A lot of people are struggling to get a hold of this game and don’t know how to make it to last circle. 

I’m going to tell you some basic tips and a little of my tricks that will help you avoid minus ratings. 

#1 – Optimal graphics

Optimal graphics

PUBG is a GPU hungry game. The higher the settings, the more GPU it will need and if your phone isn’t high end, you’re gonna have bad choppy game. Its as bad as being bad in gaming. Because by the time you manage your aim to shoot, you’d be dead. Choose the best settings possible. Although PUBG automatically chooses the best setting according to your device if the game skips a frame or two, try lowering down the graphics settings.

#2 – Person View

Person View

You can choose between first person view (FPP) or third first person view (TPP). Whatever fits you best. A lot of player go with first person as it makes aiming easier. PUBG Mobile’s latest build has introduced the new ability for the gamers to select from either first person view or third person view. Go to the game mode below the start button, and select between ‘TPP’ (third person), or ‘FPP’ (first person).

#3 – Left Fire Button

Left Fire Button

Before you kick start the game, enable the fire button for the left side of your game screen. To do that, go to Settings, into basics and enable left side fire button. It will help you spray from the both side if the need arises. It especially works when you’re shooting using the scope. 

#4 – Peek and Fire

Peek and Fire

If anything’s going to save your sorry vulnerable body in the open field is some cover and peeking to fire. Peeking only exposes a little upper part of your body that makes targeting for the enemy hard. But make sure you’re switching it more often or your grey matter will be lying around your dead crate.

#5 – Medium Button Size

Medium Button Size

You don’t want a screen full of buttons and a little gaming area. That would obstruct the field of sight for you making aiming only harder more. Keep it medium sized, not too small that you miss touching it at the crucial moment. Every bad game is adding bad ratings to your stats.

#6 – Decide The Landing Place

Decide The Landing Place

Don’t be too mainstream because that’s what other players would be doing. Drop at the places where no one else would go or near a place that has only a couple of structures. In Erangel, places like Georgopool, Novo, Military Base, Pochinki and Yasanya are usually crawling with other players and this games sole motive is to survive till the end, not to die killing.

#7 Using the Edge of the Circle

Using the Edge of the Circle

A lot of players don’t know but sticking to the circle or near it is beneficial. Everyone tries to make it to the center of the playzone. It’s good for playing safe but how safe would you be when other 20 players are aiming at you? Sticking to circle is definitely an edge giver, you can monitor the whole area and can be pretty sure no one would be coming to rear you.

# 8 Confirm the Kill

Confirm the Kill

It’s important, players are real humans playing, and revenge is a dish best served cold. If you spotted someone and knocked him/her out, make sure you put an end to it. Because if you didn’t, chances are his/her teammates will revive him/her and he/she’ll hunt you down with his/her team. Same goes for the last circle, if you spot someone and have a clear shot, shoot to kill. If you missed, there’s a hellstorm heading your way.

#9 – Wait it Out

Wait it Out

Enemy of my enemy is my friend phrase turns out to be true in PUBG. You intervene between two people and suddenly you’re the target. Instead, wait for the battle to die. Let them kill each other and then you can clean the remaining guy. It’s no cowardice, it is a plain simple strategy.

#10 – Never Rush

Never Rush

It’s not a sensible step at all. Once you land, focus on gathering all the necessary gears and supplies not on engaging with every other player you find near you. You’ll be garnering other player’s attention, too. I’ve died quite many times. I used to pick up a gun and no armor or helmet whatsoever just to get kills and I ended up dying on countless occasions. Gear up properly and then go about banging on the enemy doors.

Other important tips: 

  • Always keep necessary supplies like medkit, bandages, drink and painkillers.
  • Keep you health to maximum. If health goes down during a play zone, use drink or bandages.
  • Never go into a battle with your health less than full. Use any opportunity to heal yourself completely.

These are some of the tips that can better your gameplay and help you survive till the last circle and if you have the skills, you might end up getting a chicken dinner.

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