8 Amazing Tips On Taking Beautiful Photos At Night

night photography

Taking night photos at night can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. If you have bought yourself a DSLR, you probably want to take awesome photographs at night. Well, you might be struggling to take great photos at first but you will get better at it with time. If you follow the basics, you will realize it is not as difficult as you think. And by the end of this post, you will know everything it takes to get a perfect photo. Without further ado, let’s discuss some photography tips on taking better nighttime photographs.

Switch Out Of Automatic Mode

night photography

Manual mode is the easiest and the best way to shoot photos during the night. It is true that your DSLR is capable of taking exceptional photographs during the day but the same doesn’t go at nights. Your DSLR will probably get confused during the night. In such a case, you will have to switch to manual mode. That way you can take the kind of photographs you want. To switch to the manual mode, all you have to do is move the command dial to the manual mode marked with an ‘M’.

Open Up The Aperture

open up the aperture

When it comes to taking great photographs, the key is to maximize the amount of light the camera is exposed to. To make this possible, the best thing to do is open up the aperture at the front of the camera. Most DSLRs have a control wheel to adjust the aperture. The readout will inform you about the current settings. Turn the control wheel until you hit the ‘F-Number’ meaning the aperture is as low as possible.

Use Low ISO If Possible

low light photography

Using high ISO makes perfect sense while taking photos during the night but it also increases the noise in the images. If you want to capture high-quality pictures, you have to lower the ISO of your DSLR as far as possible. You should check the manual you received with your camera to be able to do that if you’re completely new to this. Although, there are new cameras that let you capture stunning photographs even at high ISO. But if your camera is not that advanced, we suggest you stick to low ISO. That will prevent any noise in the picture.

Shoot RAW

raw photo dolamites

For most casual photographers, JPEG is the perfect file format since it doesn’t take too much space on the memory card. Also, these files can be uploaded everywhere easily without having to convert them into some other format. But keep in mind, this file format compresses your images. When you have to do some editing, the picture loses its quality. Therefore, it is best to take raw photos. Sure, they will eat up a lot of space but the quality of the images won’t be lost when you perform some editing on it. This is a great idea especially when you are taking photos in the dark.

A Tripod Is A Must

beautiful photos at night with tripod

Taking photographs in the night requires a long exposure. Therefore, a sturdy tripod is a must if you want to take breathtaking photographs during the night. Get a tripod that can control and handle heavy cameras. The one made up of Aluminium will be your best bet. Also, you should consider buying a mini tripod. It will help you take photos from tricky angles and your night photography will look amazing. Having a tripod is a must if you want to take good photographs during the night.

Take Test Shots

test shots

Taking photos in the nighttime is different than taking them during the night. You can’t expect brilliant photographs just by pressing the shutter when you are taking photos in the nighttime. You need to adjust the setting in such a way so that you can take the photographs you want. And for that to happen, you have to take a few test shots to understand what setting works best during the night. ¬†You will be able to fine tune your settings and you will be able to take perfect pictures.

Do Bracket Exposures

bracket exposure

Nailing the perfect exposure when taking photos at night could be quite challenging. Bracketing your shots can help you a lot. It means taking a series of pictures at different exposure setting. The photos get brighter or darker with every shot you take. And finally, you will get a photo of the kind of exposure you want. This is an amazing way to capture stunning photographs at night. Bracketing can be done either automatically or manually. For automatic bracketing, you need to go to the camera’s shooting menu.

Try Different Shutter Speeds

beautiful photos at night

For taking photos of the moving objects like the cars, you have to switch to shutter priority. You will have to select the shutter speed, and your camera will automatically select the aperture. The impressive light streaks that you see is only because of this. Test shots are essential in this case as well. Moreover, you will get longer trails when the shutter speed is low. You should keep this thing in your mind as well. This is an essential tip when it comes to taking excellent photographs at night.

That’s pretty much it. Following these tips, you will be able to take amazing photos during night. It might sound a bit difficult for beginners but trust me, you will get better at it with time and practice. Taking photos at night is in fact very easy.


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