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People feast with their sight foremost. So if the large volume of food images appearing in stock markets, publications, cookbooks, magazines, and on computer computers and smartphones is any indication, it has never been truer. Inspire yourself with our list of the top 5 photography trends for 2022: 

Overhead Shots

Overhead views bring the entire feast to life. By displaying a range of meals, photographers may appeal to a broader audience while also experimenting with forms and colors. To get an authentic flat lay, you must position your food directly above your layout. However, certain dishes of food seem prettier when viewed, from the side (for example, burgers), from above (for example, pizza), or at a 45-degree angle (drinks). Consider going all around the table and photographing it from multiple viewpoints so you can later choose your favorite. When shooting from a high vantage point, choose a camera with a tilting screen to make framing and reviewing your photo easier.


Ingredients Stacked

Bread, tacos, gyros, and rolls have become a staple of Instagram postings. This food design concept is ideal for shooting close-up photographs since it highlights every scrumptious element of your toast (or wraps) through the artistic arrangement. If you’re photographing food inside, increase the color saturation and brightness of your shot to make the items stand out. Food photographers with skills and expertise choose lenses that permit them to restrict their depth of focus in order to emphasize the theme of the shot. Following that, they apply photographic technology to adjust the brightness, contrast, and levels of their images. Occasionally, a few little changes may really bring a shot to life.


Monochrome In A Bold Color

As previously stated, the entire food visual now has a new dimension. One may observe harsh graphic colors in romantic caressing food pictures – many of which are not related to food. The colors we notice as we approach the tunnel are blue-grays, pink, blue, emerald, turquoise, and pinky-peach. Pastel hues were definitely popular a few years ago, but today, strong monochromes have taken their place. Let us first comprehend the Bold + Monochrome craze. Monochromes were once linked with expensive fashion, with combinations such as coffee and ivory or pink and peach being particularly trendy. People may recall seeing just white or black images since monochromatic graphics had a significant influence for decades. Monochrome infiltrated the scene quite gradually.  Color Variance has long been connected with youthfulness and optimism, whereas monochrome has long been associated with royalty and elite society. Florals were predominantly feminine in nature until the notion of Unisex was introduced. Fashion and beauty have a significant impact on food packaging and appearance at the dinner table. Now is the time for the Pastel to grow up and become Male and Bold. Monochrome has already been creeping in for a long now, but like the brave and the beautiful, it is now Bold & Monochrome!


The Same Photography But Dark

Dark Photography is one trend that is sure to stick around for a long time. This emphasizes the brand’s refinement and is particularly effective when showcasing the premium range of items. A few apps may assist you in navigating this new fad: To begin, darken all of your objects, surfaces, and backdrops. The only bright hue in the frame should be food. Second, it is critical to have a regulated light source. Here, toying with light is critical. As much as possible, keep the light source small and diffused so that it distributes evenly throughout the picture. Thirdly, simplicity and minimalism work best with gloomy photographs.


Images that evoke a sense of belonging

This also relates to another culinary microtrend: the creation of visuals with a strong feeling of location. While the majority of people still shop at supermarkets, the majority of us recognize that this is not where food originates from. Creating food graphics that incorporate a feeling of location into a dish or ingredient will only help to further our cultural understanding and appreciation of food.  Perhaps one of the most notable Oscars lines came from filmmaker Bong Joon Ho, who referenced this very well-acclaimed phrase by fellow contender and colleague Martin Scorcese – “The most intimate is the most imaginative.” This is applicable across all industries. Food is very subjective and personal. And, whereas stock markets may not usually represent very personal culinary initiatives, this trend is more about capturing the food that passes your lips on a daily basis.


Food Photography trends 2022 by Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

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Mohit Bansal Chandigarh is a keen photographer and traveller. It's hard to say whether he travels to click photos or he click photos so he can travel.

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