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We have seen a sudden change in the progress of different industries during the COVID period. For example, the aviation industry which was at its peak in the pre-COVID situation is now struggling to get back to the same success as before. But, the existence of art and creativity is in the limelight during the current period. Photography has grown to the next level in 2022. It is not just a hobby with an extra income, but it has developed as a large professional industry.

And to get into this Photography industry, you need a professional degree. There are many photography schools for it, in the world. Here’s a list of the top 5 Photography schools of the year, 2022.

Rochester Institute of Photography         

Rochester Institute of photography is situated in Henrietta, New York in the United States of America. The institute mainly focuses on providing options to the students interested in photography as a profession. It provides majors in fields like photojournalism, fine art photography, advertising photography, and the newly emerging field of biomedical photography and communication.

Speos International Photo School

Speos International photo school is located in Paris and London in England. Being a very experienced school in the world, it has experience in regards to many famous photography organizations in the world. The institute is known for providing a range of courses from the course of 5 months to 2 years. The variety of courses includes fashion photography, sports and action photography, studio photography, and also photojournalism.

New York Institute of Photography

New York Institute of photography is in New York City in New York, United States. It was founded in 1910 and is very popular for its online courses. The institute is responsible for 5 kinds of online photography courses that are, Digital Photography, Photoshop, and marketing photography. It is capable of providing professional skills in creative photography and digitization. Some renowned photographers are alumni of the Institute.

Rhode Island School of Design

Rhode Island School of Design belongs to the United States. It was formed in the year 1877, which makes it old and trustworthy. The the motto of the school is to change the perspective of photography through images. The school has photography graduate courses for 2 years and undergraduates courses of 4 years. The courses focus on film photography, digital photography, and darkroom photography.

Royal College of Arts

The Royal College of Arts is a well-known Institute from London, United Kingdom. It is the only Institute in the world that provides a post-graduation in photography. It has a MA degree of 2 years, for professionals to develop their photography abilities in depth.

The industry of photography is small-scale. 2022 requires a large number of photographers in many categories. The requirement of skills is indirectly co-related to photography schools and institutes. Every institution from our top 5 list is trying to refine the photographical skills of the students, for the betterment of the future of professional photography of the year, 2022.

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Mohit Bansal Chandigarh is a keen photographer and traveller. It's hard to say whether he travels to click photos or he click photos so he can travel.

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